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From 12.1-13.0 Upgrade is getting freeze without any error

Question asked by AngadAnand on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by David_Marchal_CoPrime

Hello All,


While doing upgrade of environment from v12.1.11208 to v13.0 we are facing issue. The script runs successful till application upgrade but getting stuck while doing Database upgrade (after Pre-Upgrade Step). The install.log also doesn't have any error, it shows the below mentioned error:


3/3/16 12:23 PM (admin) Applying platform_jobs.xml

3/3/16 12:23 PM (admin) Applying PLATFORM_REPORT_DEFINITIONS.xml

3/3/16 12:23 PM (admin) Applying platform_rights.xml


After getting this issue we have also investigated the respective 'platform_rights.xml' but we didn't get any clue. I have attached 'platform_rights.xml' for reference.


Please folks provide your suggestion and expertise to overcome of this error.


Warm regards,

Angad anand