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v14.3 Client Installion Question

Question asked by nosreme on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2016 by urmas

Community - we recently upgraded from v13.3 to v14.3 (patch 2) and requested the users to update thier schedule clients that ship with V14.3.  Our IT shop strictly governs who can install and uninstall software as part of an overall corp secutity policy and do not permit the workstation users to have ADMIN themselves.  Thus, we coordinate with our IT technicians to update software when necessary.


Our users were able to leverage v13.3 OWB fine without having ADMIN rights.  We upgraded our CA PPM system to v14.3 and coordinated with IT tech's to update the clients and we are not able to them working consistently.  It appears to be related to 'access' rights when the client is trying to locate jre8 (which is copied during the schedule connect installation to a specific folder).   Most of our workstations have java 1.7 on them for other enterprise application use, and that seemed to work fine for v13.3 client requirements without having ADMIN workstation access.


We have considered options to install to different folder (where user has access) in order to mitigate the issue.  But we are still encountering error that indicates that jre8 can not be found.  If we make the user be a workstation admin...the issue goes away.  We are not going to override security policies, so i am seeking wisdom if there is options to overcome.  I do have CA Support also investigating our situation.


I'm assuming that since Schedule Connect is used with MSP Interface...we may have similar concern?


thanks in advance.