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Jaspersoft Repository Poor Performance

Question asked by Owen_R on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Owen_R

So we've finally got our Jaspersoft server connected up to v14.3 in our test environment. Server is completely new and built in line with the specs from CA, but we are experiencing really poor performance when trying to navigate in the repository.  We constantly get the "please wait" pop-up screen, in particular when trying to go in to the properties of an object. I am the only user trying to access it currently.


I had seen this periodically on the Global Communities site but I put that down to accessing it with an old browser possible firewall challenges but hadn't expected to see it on our local installation.



Any suggestions on tuning or tweaks that can be done.  We're on SQL Server 2012, IE11 and windows 2012 servers if that's any use.