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Action Item Status Not Updated?

Question asked by amy.yarrington on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by suhail-sayed

Has anyone ever run across an issue where the action item status doesn't appear to have updated even though the process steps completed as expected?  We have a process that sends a request for approval to an architect. In this one instance the architect apparently rejected the item, because the process progressed to the "rejected item" step and sent an action item notification to the project manager. The architect's action item still shows as "open" when you look at the instance in the process log. The project manager's subsequent notification also still shows as "open" even though that action item only has one potential action ("Done") and therefore should arrive in the PM's inbox as already "closed".


I am only aware of this one instance, which seems rather strange. I can't guarantee it hasn't happened before, but not a regular occurrence to my knowledge. Has anyone else ever experienced something like this? We are on v13.3.