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5-point Risk Assessment Scale

Question asked by nikkyjohnson on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by nikkyjohnson

Our organization is looking to migrate to a PMBOK scaled for measuring our risks.  Which unfortunately, Clarity is hard coded to 1,2,3 scale for the Low, Medium, High. 


My first thought is to create a very low (.5) and a very high (3.5) so we can have the full range. But I wasn't sure if anyone has implemented this before and had some insights into best practices.

          I am considering creating a new attribute to support this scale (1-5) and adjust the math to support, but not sure how to update the Risk Score setup screen to read the new attributes.


Also, any tips for the Risk Score setup would be awesome!  Unfortunately it is still assuming the three levels (L,M,H).


We are on SaaS, upgrading to 14.3 tomorrow!


Thank you in advanced, and please be kind I'm still learning