URI truncated when EMAIL address is part of request

Discussion created by sdetweil2 on Mar 8, 2016

a team has reported two problems with my generic service.. (running on 8.5)


1. when their uri contains '@' the URI content is truncated and we do not get all the info to match against



the request_uri after listen appears as /foo/bar/something/test123


2. I have my own switch to determine if the request should passthru to a backend server.


     script step 1

     script step 2, check results, go to http live invocation step, use parameters to specify host and port, send original request on to real server.


    but the original request headers are not being passed on. so the authentication fails at the real server.

    this sounds to me like there is a filter/dph missing to re-inject the original request headers back into the request.

    I don't see any control to specify where to get this data from (vse.request)..