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Resource Standard Calendar vs Resource Availability

Question asked by Garrett.S on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by Shailey_Gandhi

I'm trying to understand the difference/correlation between the resource's standard calendar and the Availability set on the Resource/Properties/General tab. 


Currently all resources have an availability of 8 hrs on the Resource-Labor Properties/General tab.  Everyone is assigned to the Standard calendar that has a 8 hr shift from 8a-12p, 1p - 5p.


We want to have Clarity reflect the 3 types of employees that have an availability of 7.5 hrs, 8 hrs, and 9 hrs.  What do we need to do in order to have the each of these resource's accurately reflect the correct availability, allocation on projects, and cost estimates on a cost plan?  For example, can we just change the a resources availability from 8 hrs to 9 hrs and leave the standard calendar with an 8 hr shift?  Or do I need to create 2 more calendar's for the resources that have 7.5 hrs and 9 hrs of availability?


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