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BMC Remedy and Service Desk integration

Question asked by svucic on Mar 8, 2016
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I have a request from customer: Customer would like to use their ticketing system which is called BMC Remedy to open tickets in our system via email.

When they are opening their tickets in Remedy system, they enter some data in fields, and then they have option to also send this data to some email address.

So, they will send email to Service Desk email address and open ticket that way.

Subject from customer looks like this:

mStart INC000000023313

The body of email is not important. I had idea to fill in fields in Service Desk with predefined information about affected area, group, etc. regarding the email from which customers system is sending us email.

The body of email should be all writen to description of ticket.


Now, we also want this to work backwards. When someone makes change in Service Desk (log comment, update status), the email should be sent to BMC Remedy and written to their ticket.

The only important thing about their system is that email subject sent from Service Desk to email address of BMC Remedy is the number of ticket, etc. "Re: %INCxxxxxxxxx%"ž

Then their system takes the information from email body and writes it down to ticket as log comment.


Can anyone help with this, is it possible?

Do you have some example how can this be achieved? I would appreciate any help you have.