Can we trim Tews Error Message?

Discussion created by valsa02_sai on Mar 8, 2016

@Hi All,

I saw similar post Exception In Soap For Tews Task | CA Communities which exactly is my requirement.

I want to see if there is a way we can trim the Exception Message from TEWS.@

Example -

<tews:description>Password is too short.  Minimum length is 8. ProcessStep::BLTHValidate TabName:  ERRORLEVEL::Error</tews:description>

I want to display only "Password is too short.  Minimum length is 8"

I want to know if we can trim "ProcessStep::BLTHValidate TabName:  ERRORLEVEL::Error" from above output. I tried to check it in Resource bundles exceptions and did not find relevant things in them.


Please advise!! ganla02; Sagi_Gabay