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Integrating Single Page Application (SPA) with SiteMinder

Question asked by ChristieJS on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Miquel-Gilibert-i-Sunye

Hi All,


Is it possible to protect and secure a Single Page Application (SPA) in MS Azure with CA SiteMinder, if so how? I somewhere read that SPA uses RESTful services and could be protected using OAuth2.0. Since CA SiteMinder R12.52 provides OAuth2.0, is it possible to protect these applications?

what are the pros and cons of using SiteMinder to protect this?

what are the steps involved to configure OAuth? What is OAuth Authorization server, does this needs to be installed separately, does it have a separate installer?I went through the BookShelf, it looks like it give some idea on configuring OAuth and Federation? what if i am not using federation?

I have worked with OAuth2.0 using different product, but how does it work with SiteMinder?


What would be best optimal solution to protect a SPA using SiteMinder?


Please provide some insight on this and help me to figure this out to successful integration.