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Using Topic with CA PPM 14.3 Jaspersoft reporting

Question asked by RaviCCC on Mar 9, 2016
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I have some questions using Topic for CA PPM 14.3 reporting.


As per the general documentation of Jaspersoft 6.1,  Jaspersoft Studio report can be published as Topic in Jasper server which can be used to create reports by users.


1.Can you please let me know how to create Topic in Jaspersoft Studio and publish in Jasperserver?  Can we publish under any folder or is there any specific folder?


2. Does CA PPM 14.3 Jaspersoft support creating and using Topic?  I tried to create ad hoc view, It allows me to select only Domains or not any Topic


3. Same thing, I tried to create Report, but it allows me to select only ad hoc view, not any Topic


Can you please let me know how to create and use Topic in CA PPM 14.3


Thank you



Ravi Chandramouli