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UAPM r11.3.4C6 to R14.1 Upgrade question(s).

Question asked by milro17 Employee on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by milro17

Hi Team,

We're doing some work at a high security government installation and are seeking answers on how to do this upgrade/migration.


The background points are as follows:

- (Production, current systems) UAPM r11.3.4 C6, SDM r12.1, Servers: Win2003, Database: SQL 2008 R2 all 32-bit

- (New Prod, to-be systems) APM r14.1, SDM r14.1, Servers: Win 2008 r2, SQL 2012, all 64-bit.


We are testing in a standalone and have sample decided upon this course of action:

- install old versions of products on the new platforms (proving VERY difficult at present just to get the MDB installed)

- patch up old versions to their current build level in Production.

- copy in MDB data from Production.

- Patch up UAPM to C19

- Run Migration report/util.

- Practice App/Web Server migrations to r14.1 in Test.


That's the idea as we need to retain the data from SDM - if it were possible I would simply create a new R14.1 install and extract/Load assets, models etc from old Production. But the customer wants us to retain the existing SDM tickets and their associations to Assets.


So, at the moment we are onsite attempting to just get the old products installed on the new servers, which is not going well as the MDB will not install from the original UAPM media. To add to the misery, as the site is high security there is no WebEx or sending of log files to Support!


We would appreciate any thoughts/comments on our approach and any info from anyone that has done something even vaguely similar.


Thanks to Rajesh (via email) for thoughts so far.