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Jaspersoft Parameter Issues

Question asked by Owen_R on Mar 9, 2016
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Clarity with SQL Server.

I am trying to create a simple parameterised report in Jaspersoft Studio  - following the steps set out in CA's Jaspersoft Report Development Guide for SaaS PDF.

I have created a report and it returns data in JS Studio.  I've added the required parameters and the query parameters in the design, successfully deployed it to the server, and added the following input controls to the report.

  • includeInactiveInvestments - from: CA PPM \ Input Controls \ Report Specific
  • investmentManagerKey_1 - from: CA PPM \ Input Controls\Common
  • investmentKey_1 - from CA PPM \ Input Controls\ Common


All exactly as per the document, which specifies no other parameters.


When  run the report from Clarity Advance Reporting, none of those input controls display in the panel and I get this error:



If I log in to the JS Server directly I don't get the error but don't get the input control panels either.


Looking at the Investment Manager input control I can see it references this query ca_ppm/input_controls/queries/investmentManager, which has the populateInvestmentManager in its where clause.

The Investment key control does something similar and also has references to OBS parameters.

I have tried adding them in manually to my report design but this leads to further errors.


So my question is, is the documentation wrong and I in fact do need to add other parameters? Or is there an issue with how the report reads the supplied input controls?


Any suggestions as always welcome.