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Need to use a system variable to create dynamic reports depending on the user account

Question asked by ElioteArg on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by ElioteArg

We have implemented UIM 8.31 and we plan to give performance visibility to our customers of their network devices. We want to create a report template (or dashboard) which contains ONLY a group of interfaces for the user that logs in to UMP.


Let's suppose that the report should show something similar to this:


Source (net. device)
Target (interface)
BitsIn (numeric)BitOut (numeric)
BitsIn (spark)BitsOut (spark)
Device 1Port 1
Device 2Port 1
Device NPort 1


The thing is that we want to create ONLY a report template, and not one for each customer. So I thought about using, if possible, a system variable associated to the user account. Let's think of an account called CA which can have many users (user1, user2, and so on). But all of those users are part of CA, and any of them should see the same report. That is, the should see a report containing all the devices (and interfaces) that belong to CA.

On the other hand, we have another customer (Facebook lets say), and the users want to see the exact same report, but for their devices and interfaces.


Is it possible to use a variable like $accountName in order to associate the user logged in and the data shown in the report in the filters?


I've seen that there are User Tags (1 and 2) which can be used in the filters when you create a Performance Report as well as in the List Report, but those are defined at the Robot level. We need to create dynamic groups associated to customers, and reports that are associated to $accountName.