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Clarity: Calculated field not showing the correct value

Question asked by Patricio_1979 on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Patricio_1979

Hello everyone,

In this case I'm contacting with you because I need to know if this calculation is right or wrong because in the summary task appear a incorrect result.


The calculation thay I need to do is:

(Finish Variance / Baseline Finish - Start)

(finish_variance / baseline_finish - SCHEDULE_START)

The problem is that in this object (task) not appear the attribute "Start" (of the project) and in this case I use the date field to the beginning of the task, not the date of the beginning of the project...ok?


The calculation that I create is this:

Round((finish_variance) / DateDiff(baseline_finish,prstart,"día"))


In the folloing picture you can see the incorrect behavior in the summary task:




If anyone can help me with this issue I will be grateful