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Sending MQ message from JDBC result set to MQ queue

Question asked by kgirija on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Kevin.Bowman

Hi Team,


I have to send the request to a MQ queue, am able to do it by pointing the queue in mainframes, and by triggering the activity.

To automate this.

I have some request XMLs in the data base table, I read the request XML from the table and saved in a variable name 'request' using SQL database execution (JDBC) step in LISA.

Now my next step is IBM Web Sphere MQ.

My question is what is the variable that carries the request to the MQ queue?

In the IBM Web Sphere MQ step I gave the Async Key field value as request (i.e the attribute name which stores my request), but am not able to hit the queue as the request is not reaching, i can see am perfectly reading the request from the data base and am able to store the request in the variable.

Could you please help me in this.



Thanks in advance,

Girija K.