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xog apostrophe custom object

Question asked by Veera1 on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Veera1

I am trying to xog apostrophe in a custome object instance. While I am doing this it is overwriting ' as ''. For example if I am xogging thru command line. This works in 14.3 but not in 14.2.

Title :Testing Special Char's it xogs as

Result : Testing Special Char"s. Can someone let me know if you encountered this issue?


Clarity version 01


<NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_customObjectInstance.xsd">

  <Header action="write" externalSource="NIKU" objectType="customObjectInstance" version=""/>

  <customObjectInstances objectCode="dlt_aa_num">

    <instance instanceCode="00000983" objectCode="dlt_aa_num">


        <ColumnValue name="dlt_ep_num">2424-01008</ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_ep_desc"/>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_ep"/>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_er_desc">Testin'g sp'ecial characters apostrophe veera's</ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_num">A24L001-13</ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_ata">2424</ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_typ">AOT  </ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_desc">INSP FOR LOCKING OF CONTACTS ON GCU-CSMG CONNECTOR</ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_rev"/>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_seq_num">001</ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_issue_dte">2013-07-25T00:00:00</ColumnValue>

        <ColumnValue name="dlt_md_ep_desc">GENERATOR, APU; A330                              </ColumnValue>