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Siteminder advanced password services

Question asked by krishna.casso on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Saravanan_Ramalingam


We are planning to use the advanced password services. We are using the sitemidner 12.52 sp1 policy server and the secure proxy server.

After renaming the library file and restart the policy server we enabled the APS on policy server,

Now coming to the client side SPS r12 SP3, Do smportal.cfg will be supplied with the SmPortal/SmTransact tunnel kit.

How to configure the SmPortal for the change password services using APS.


I understand for,

Web Server – Change Password Interface

r12.5 and 12.51

The web agent installer installs the Change Password Interface client component. You do not have to use the APS installation kit to install it.

But not sure what is the procedure for configuring this interface for SPS.