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Is there a way to extract the MQ MessageID and post it to a text file or in the log, within the VSM

Question asked by steve_boxhall on Mar 11, 2016
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We have an issue with our MQ Virtual service where we are seeing the messages are either not reaching our Lisa MQ queues or they are arriving and disappearing before we get a chance to extract them. Currently we are not sure whether the problem lies with MQ itself, our source system or Lisa.


We have been requested to extract the MQ Message ID for each message that appears on the Lisa Queue, so that we can identify the request/response pairs a little easier. However, so far we have only been able to extract a Lisa version of the messageID from this variable {{lisa.vse.messageid}}, in the VSM.


Is there a way to extract the actual Message ID that appears on the Queue?


I have also tried using the "Extract Payload and Properties from Message" filter, but when I try to write to a csv file, it doesn't recognise the declared variable and just prints the variable name. If this is the solution, does anyone know how you correctly set this up and on what step of the MQ VSM does this need to be setup