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Add fields to row in Transfer form (Service Desk Manager 14.1)

Question asked by svucic on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by svucic

Hi there,


I have a problem with modification of xfer_esc_cr form in Web Screen Painter. This form is used by both Escalate and Transfer function.

Now, In one row I have Current urgency and Current impact fields.

The row under has New urgency and New Impact.


When I choose Transfer option, I can only see Current urgency and New urgency, fields Current impact and New impact are not visible.

In Escalate, everything can be seen.


Now, I want to make this form so that Transfer can also see all fields as does Escalate.

Also, when I try to add field after New impact, now in Transfer this new field is not visible, but Current Urgency, New urgency, Current impact and New impact are all visible.


It looks like I can only have two fields in each row, I don't know why that is.

If I put new field on the first place in row, then I can only see first two fields.


Does anyone have solution for this problem?

This is out of the box form.


Best regards,