MSC and ntservices probe--confounding three fields

Discussion created by wbdeford on Mar 14, 2016
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It seems that the new MCS functionality in 8.4 confounds three fields--Profile Name, Service Name, and Service description.


In the ntservices 3.24 probe, each servers shows a Service name, which is not modifiable, and a Profile name, which is modifiable.  (We use the Profile name field in our  processing to route alarms to the appropriate person.)


In MCS, there is a Service Name field, also not modifiable.  So far, so good.  But instead of Profile name, it has Service Display Name, which is modifiable.  I thought that they changed the name of the field--confusing, but OK.


When it applies this configuration to an actual ntservices probe, I see this: Last Audit message: Profile <Service Name> has been CREATED.

So, it uses the unmodifiable Service Name field as the what-should-be-modifiable Profile Name to push over to the ntservices probes.  Or, so I thought because:


It is even worse than that--when I go over to the ntservices probe, I see that it has merely copied the Service description field into the Profile name field.  I checked the resulting ntservices.cfg file on one of my systems and found that my Service Display Name value never even makes into the config file.


Does anyone have a solution such that we can configure the Profile name field in ntservices via MCS?  It seems like they tried to do it with the Service Display Name field but completely botched it.