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Update to Oracle JAVA by RedHat - Commercial Features used by CA PPM?

Question asked by F.Muen on Mar 15, 2016
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I hope someone can help me with a question concerning Java Features used by CA PPM:

When Updating to Oracle JAVA, which is provided by RedHat for RedHat customers, for licencing reasons one has to be certain that CA PPM ( in this case specifically CA PPM doesn't use any of the following Commercial Features:



-Java Flight Recorder

-Java Mission Control

-Java Advanced Management Console

-MSI Enterprise JRE Installer

-JRockit Flight Recorder

-JRockit Mission Control Console observability

-JRockit Mission Control Memory Leak Detector observability

-JRE Usage Tracking

-JRockit Real Time, Deterministic GC



For a more detailed view of the features listed above, please see table 1.1 at this link:


I am not familiar with any of the features listed above.

Can anybody with knowledge of CA PPM elaborate on those features and if they are connected to CA PPM 13.1?



Any help or explanations would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!



Best regards