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my task capability mobile app

Question asked by eduardo.lagrave on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by eduardo.lagrave

Hi guys

I install “ca service management” version 3.1.7 build 6 by Google Play Store, to the facility end users to generated easily Incidents, Services Request and attend your owns PAM task.


The issue that experiments is that I can’t see the capability “My Task” when access to SC/USS portal (http://fqdn:8080/usm). The only enabled capabilities are “MyRequest” and “Services”. The screenshot is shown in “portal_SC-USS.png” file.

portal_SC-USS - copia.png


However, accessing to SDM portal (http://fqdn:8050) the capabilities by SDM and PAM tasklist are shown. The screenshot is shown in “portal_SDM.png” file.

portal_SDM - copia.png

So, my questions are: is possible shown PAM tasklist capability in SC/USS portal by mobile app?

Best regards