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Upgrading from v13.3 to v14.3 including moving from SuSE to Red Hat and 11 to 12DB

Question asked by dwillis01 on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by Nika_Hadzhikidi

We currently have v13.3 sitting on SUSE Linux enterprise server SP4 with an Oracle 11g DB.  Due to company policy we have to move to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle 12C.  At the moment we are looking at the following plan due to constraints with Oracle and Upgrading directing to v14.3.  Any thoughts on how we can reduce the steps? we would rather just move the 11 DB to 12C but this is not supported.


  1. Shut down the Clarity v13 application instance
  2. Backup the Clarity v13 database
  3. Install Clarity v13 onto the new red-hat servers
  4. Point the red-hat servers at the SuSE Oracle 11 (legacy) instance with v13 data
  5. Run the v13.3 to v14.2 upgrade which will upgrade the data on the Oracle 11 server
  6. Export the Clarity data from the Oracle 11 server and import it onto a new red-hat server running oracle 12.
  7. Re-direct the newly upgrade v14.2 application servers at the Oracle 12 database that has the 14.2 upgraded data
  8. Upgrade the 14.2 to version 14.3
  9. Restore the clarity v13 database and restart the v13 application instance to use as a compare/contrast reference instance