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Process issue - post Clarity 14.2 upgrade

Question asked by Sreeram601 on Mar 16, 2016
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We found two issues with existing processes after upgrading to 14.2


1. Update of Custom object (child object of Project object) triggers the Project's Processes involuntarily. Only condition with update condition are triggered, irrespective of satisfying the condition. Please note no associated sub processes, linked object in processes.

2. Conversion of Idea to Project triggers the Idea's processes automatically. Please note no associated sub processes, linked object in processes.


For the first issue, we found one of the processes in custom object whose update condition has got the Virtual attribute in it. So I put on hold of this process, none of the Project's process triggers. To check if it occurs again for similar custom object, I created custom object and kept the same condition of virtual attribute in the process. Same issue. Strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For Second issue, There is no availability of any virtual field in any of process with either Project or IDEA. When we convert to project (even after disabling all process of project including the project creation), Idea's process triggers involuntarily. I thought the Originating Idea, Site OBS, Department OBS are creating issue, as they are virtual fields available in project view. So removed those from views, but still I've this issue


Could anyone have ever faced this issue? If so, please advise.


FYI, we 've version 07 16 in Dev and in Production. Issue occurs in both version.


We've rebooted the server and also restarted the services. No Ghost BG services are available