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Is there a thread limitation on the networkDataPort for EPAgent (9.5.5)?

Question asked by Mike.Gucciard on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by ocaom01

I've encountered what appears to be a hard limit of 2 + number of configured plugins, but there isn't anything noted in documentation to confirm this. 

I did find a reference to this in a thread from 2011, but was rather hoping this information was out of date.

(EPAgent - sending metrics across sockets )

I need to determine if I should abandon using XML to networkDataPort or if this thread limit can be increased?  

I have roughly 20 nodes I need to feed a bare handful of metrics from, and networkDataPort seemed like an ideal low impact solution.

Then I ran into this seeming limitation. 

Can anyone confirm / deny what I'm seeing here?


Symptoms are:

Socket opens cleanly from client, data is sent, XML format is valid.

EPAgent accepts socket open, appears to accept data.

Investigator will show data appearing only for 2 + count of plugins configured (7, in my case).

The rest appears to simply be dropped.


I'd expect there to be some way to expand the thread count allocated to handle this kind of feed, but cannot find anything documented.