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External SDM link issue

Question asked by bojka01 Employee on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by pamse01



Customer is on 14.1 CP2 upgraded from 12.7. He is using secure external link and redirecting to the SDM url through DNS.

There is no SSL configured for IIS or tomcat in SDM.


Issue is that the external link is accessible to users but certain features are not working. In search list cannot navigate to other pages, expand feature doesn't work, save filter option not available.

No error seen on the browser and nothing reported in the logs.


When the external link is accessed within the SDM server, there is no issue seen.

Enabled fiddler trace but cannot find any clue.


Customer claims that nothing changed since 12.7 and the link doesn't work only after upgrade. Are there any specific ports to be opened in 14.1 which is different from earlier versions?