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Looking for best practices or ideas on Environment Refreshes regarding resources, projects and emails

Question asked by R.McIntire on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by urmas

Hello All,


We're currently running into a HUGE amount of manual work when we refresh our DEV and TEST environments from Production and wanted to see if anyone had any best practices or ideas on how to better handle the below situations.


For both DEV and TEST environments, the following MUST be done when refreshed from Production

     1. Disable any job that is automatically sending any emails or action items - Not difficult, just cancel the job.

               Is there a way to deactivate the environment from sending ANYTHING to emails?


     2. Take ALL users except the admins and testing to inactive and change emails to to reduce inadvertent emails from our processes- This is a huge problem for us as we have 2000+ users and the integration adaptor will not take isActive = FALSE. The job fails. It works fine when taking the emails to none@none; just not the isActive attribute. We tried to XOG out all resources, but it only grabbed about half of our total resources (no filter set in the XOG)

               Is there an easy way to change everyone to inactive other than system admins and testing accounts?


     3. Purge ALL projects out of the system due to security issues - Another huge problem as we have 3000+ projects. XOG fails when I try to XOG all projects out to change the Active to false; but even if that didn't fail, we have to manually mark everything for deletion.

               Is there an easy way to mark all projects as inactive and mark for deletion in one wave instead of manually going through 60+ pages of 50 projects each?


Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on how to handle mass Resource deactivation and mass Project deletion?


Thank you in advanced for any help or ideas.