CA UIM User Management & Security

Discussion created by sumeet.hooda on Mar 18, 2016
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Hi Team,


I am looking forward for the user management capabilities of CA UIM 8.4. Please let me know to which all below capabilities CA UIM is feasible with.


  1. Can we set user naming convention in CA UIM? Ex. Each account should be of minimum 8 characters and username of 6 characters(also define the characters that can be used for creating user/account)
  2. Can we configure user password, password age and password complexity requirements (combination of alphanumeric & characters)?
  3. Prompt prior notice to user before password expiration?
  4. Enforce password history so that user cannot re-use last 5 passwords.
  5. Configure account lockout after certain number of login attempts?
  6. The user shall be forced to change the password on first logon?
  7. How can we check Active and Dormant Users of CA UIM?
  8. Configure alert or warning banner at the login page
  9. Can we capture audit log from CA UIM. What will be the level audit trails (Ex. User ID, Computer name, Source IP, Date & Time of event, Event type etc.)? Where we can get the audit trail in UIM?


I will really appreciate to receive response on this.


Thanks & Regards,

Sumeet Hooda