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Using EJB Step

Question asked by robin.gupta.11 on Mar 21, 2016

Hi All,


i have been trying to automate 3 EJB calls in order to complete my virtualization in LISA but facing some issues while doing that. Can someone please help me with the below listed issues:


a)  My EJBs are deployed on Weblogic servers, so i connected using Hostname and portnumber and was able to successfully see the JNDI listed in the object pane. Then i have selected that and i got three operations one of them was to create() the class i needed, so i selected that and proceeded. Now i am able to fill the input parameters but i am not getting any option to save the output parameters into some property so that i can use them in the further calls. So, please help me with saving the parameters in to property.


b) In the tree-like structure in the left of the screen we used to get the result icon with the result but i am getting ClassNotFound then the class name but getting the result properly fine the right side of the window


c) While i am successfully getting results in the test step window, the same is failing in ITR mode, saying Class Not Found error and showing the same class name as i selected while creating the step i.e. after selecting JNDI.


Someone please look into the above the issues and let me know for any solutions.


i am using: CA LISA 7.52, have copied weblogic.jar and wlfullclient.jar into the hotdeploy folder.

No LISA Agent has been installed on any Weblogic server.