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LDAP Connection exceptions in Clarity version 14.2

Question asked by ankur.semwal on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by nick_darlington

We have a custom java job in clarity that makes LDAP connection to Active Directory and then updates resources in clarity. When we run this job in clarity version 13.0.1 it is working fine with no java exceptions in job log. But when we run the same job in clarity version 14.2 and check the job logs it shows many exceptions during LDAP read phase. The other parts of code are working fine except ldap read part. Clarity v13.0.1 has java 1.6 and Clarity v14.2 has java 1.7  So for clarity 14.2 we compiled the code in java 1.7 and for clarity 13.0.1 we compiled it in java 1.6.


What can be possible reason for the same code throwing exceptions in new 14.2 version of clarity.