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Clarity service monitor and notify

Question asked by Elango. on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by uk3373


We are using the Clarity 13.2. The Clarity application Tomcat servers are hosted on the Linux environment and looking for solutions of below challenges that we are facing currently.

1. As a admin point of view, we(Admin) would like to get notification from the Clarity server services whenever there is a failure.  Is that possible ? do we have any default built in feature that can trigger this monitoring activity?

2. When there is a break in communication of these clarity services, we have to do manual restart, for the application to be work.

Is there a way to automatically re-initiate the clarity service connections instead of doing it manually.

For example, Keep checking the services at a regular interval, and in-case of failure then automatically the services will restart by itself.

3. Also for default scheduled jobs(Time slicing, Data mart, update hierarchy data, LDAP Sync), is there a way to get it notified on success/failure...