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Unable to print request details into delimited file within the VSM

Question asked by steve_boxhall on Mar 22, 2016



We have an MQ model and a step in the model to "write to a delimited file", which is placed after the MQ publish step.


Within this we are capturing the MQ messageID and the CorrelationID, but we also want to capture the AccountID that was sent in the request. The AccountID is captured as an argument, {{AcctID}}, from the request.


We have put another column in the "write to a delimited file" step and populated with the parameter {{=request_AcctID}} and it just prints out the text {{=request_AcctID}} into the file. We also tried {{request_AcctID}} and {{AcctID}} but again it just prints the text rather than the actual account ID.


Does anyone have any ideas why this would not be printing the AccountID please?