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14.3 P3 - BG RESTART - ERROR "Found invalid database connection"

Question asked by MauricioLobao4213392 on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by MauricioLobao4213392

Hello All,

After upgrade to Clarity 14.3 P3, the bg service restarted frequency with the following error.

I asked for dba team to take a look in alert in database and there isn't any problem in database in these time.

I also found a lot of occurrences of those errors in UAT environment.

016/03/22 17:49:27.614 |

2016/03/22 17:51:51.877 | Found invalid database connection for local tenant clarity

2016/03/22 17:52:04.042 | on_exit trigger matched. Restarting the JVM. (Exit code: 2)

2016/03/22 17:52:08.814 | Launching a JVM...

2016/03/22 17:52:10.926 | WrapperManager: Initializing...

2016/03/22 17:52:16.634 | PPM Background initializing...

2016/03/22 17:52:16.635 | installDir /clarity



09:02:35 ppmpx11a ppmprd1 SYSTEM @whoami



ppmprd1-PPMPRD- |15/05/2013 07:32|08-JAN-2013 11:09:36|OPEN |PRIMARY |READ WRITE |ALLOWED |ACTIVE |PRIMARY_INSTANCE |STARTED|ppmpx11a

ppmprd2-PPMPRD- |11/12/2014 11:21|08-JAN-2013 11:09:36|OPEN |PRIMARY |READ WRITE |ALLOWED |ACTIVE |PRIMARY_INSTANCE |STARTED|ppmpx11b

ppmprd3-PPMPRD- |28/11/2014 16:49|08-JAN-2013 11:09:36|OPEN |PRIMARY |READ WRITE |ALLOWED |ACTIVE |PRIMARY_INSTANCE |STARTED|ppmpx11c


Anyone have this problem also ?