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Sharepoint People Picker works lists SM LDAP users only after Policy Server service Restart!!

Question asked by valsa02_sai on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by valsa02_sai

Hi All,


Did any one come across this issue?


We have installed Sharepoint agent for protecting Sites with CA SSO 12.52. All installation and configurations went successfully.


We are passing three claims:


Role - ApplicationName (this is Multi-Valued Attribute)

sn - smdisplayname (Last Name)

uid - UserIdentifier (user ID)


First time when we verified for the users/role we are able to get them fine in the people picker. It works until we search whole day periodically. Once the system becomes idle for a night and we come back tomorrow morning and check for users in people picker. It just does not list users from Siteminder LDAP Store.


But once we restart the Policy Server Service, it starts working again. Has any one experienced this issue and got it fixed?? HubertDennis rtnmike JoshPerlmutter