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MSP-Clarity Integration {"Actual Cost" not populated, however, "ACWP" is.}

Question asked by MWeihert on Mar 24, 2016
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Hello Team,
I searched the community and couldn't find anything in regards to this.  Please let me know if I've overlooked something.


I'm working with Clarity 13.3, Oracle, IE11, & MS Project 2010 Professional v14. 
Probably more than what's needed, however far too often posters are not providing enough info to help troubleshoot.


The challenge I'm facing is that we have the Integration between MSP and Clarity working for a portion of our portfolio.
After a few months of running I have only encountered this issue once, which we never ran across in our testing.
When exporting our project from Clarity to MS Project.  It goes through it's normal gyrations.
No error messages were received and most of the data looks correct. 

However, at a deeper look,  the "Actual Cost" field in MSP is populating as $0.  If I look at the "ACWP" field it is populating the same as what Clarity and the database are reporting.


Has anyone else encountered a similar situation, you're willing to share.

Please let me know.


Thanks in Advance,