Liferay communicate over nimbus network

Discussion created by jstalder on Mar 24, 2016
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Hello All,


Today it has come to my attention that you can setup tunnels and deploy an UMP outside your LAN, it will not work untill that UMP installation can get DIRECT access to the database (port 1433).

All UIM probes can use the nimbus network to retrieve data through the data_engine, but liferay can't.


Isn't it possible to have liferay post it's request to a file and have a probe handle those requests (as an intermediate or something).

Having that interface will mean , one cna truely use UIM for MSP's having a centralised solution while offloading UMP load making UIM far more scaleable.



If anyone has solutions or ideas we would like to review them.


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Jeffrey Stalder,
PST Business Services