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Calendar Enigma

Question asked by hoorebem on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by hoorebem

Hello to you all!

I have a box scheduled by the condition: workdm02 or workdm01 or EOM.

The issue here is that IF EOM is a Saturday or a Sunday we have 3 runs taken into consideration that the workdays defined are MON to FRI.

In best sense, workdm02 = Thursday, workdm01 = Friday, EOM = Saturday/Sunday.


IF EOM is a MON 2 FRI then we only have 2 runs seen the fact that EOM and workdm01 are in fact the same day.

So the question here is:

how to set condition in an extended calendar to have 3 runs allways? AND on EOM, AND on workdm01, AND workdm02. No matter if EOM = workdm01

Clarification by some dates:

workdm02 = March 30

workdm01 = March 31

EOM          = March 31


workdm02 = April 28

workdm01 = April 29

EOM          = April 30


Looking forward to your reactions. Many thanks already for your time and support.
PS: the reason why we are seeking for a solution is to avoid, again, a standard calendar and therefore: maintenance every year...