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Problem occured while rebooting Gateway after de-clustering

Question asked by Nicolas Afonso Employee on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by didsi01

Dear community,  


CA team provides us some documentation about how to de-configure a Cluster. 

We had a Cluster made of 2 gateways, and wanted 2 Clusters, both having 1 unique Gateway.  


The followed process is attached to this request. Basically :

- We stopped the second Gateway, and removed it from the Cluster.

- Then we stopped the MySQL replication, edited the file /etc/my.cnf, commented 3 lines "log-slave-update" "server-id=1" and "server-id=2" in each gateway server

- We restarted mySQL for both gateways

- We removed both DB Failovers

- We configured the database of the second Gateway

- We powered the second Gateway on. The error occurs at this point.


We don't currently understand the problem, but the Gateway does not start. The logs are in attached file. What we understand is that there may be a problem with a passPhrase.


Now one of the Gateways is still alive, but the second one is disabled

Could you help me ?


Thank you