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Print the CI Name

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Mar 28, 2016
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Hi All,

I facing difficulties in printing the CI name. Below is the requirement:


For a  request call, When the user clicks SAVE on Technically closed a pop up should be displayed

1. If the CI is already selected: 

     "<CI Name> is selected, do you want to reselect?".

If the user re-selects the new CI then the new CI name should come in the above pop up.


2. If CI is not selected:

     "CI Not selected, please select a CI"


Now the issue here is when I use below command it displays the CI name(if it was already selected) but if it gets reselected then this doesn't yield the new value(since it is not saved yet)


If below command is used then it gives the UUID of the CI, which is of no use.


So is there any way to print the CI name here instead of UUID?


I tried below code as well, it didnt help i believe there is some syntax issue:


<PDM_LIST PREFIX=cit FACTORY=nr WHERE="id  like 0x8C99FE396B856D42AF077F67C3931684">




kindly help.