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Add changer order properties to

Question asked by SoporteCAcma on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Gutis

Hi Comunity,


I have a problem. In my old Service Desk R12.5 I had to add the change order properties tab in the form and worked ok. The code was:


<PDM_NOTEBOOK name=wf_nb>

  <PDM_TAB name="Properties Change Order">

  <hr align="LEFT" size="2" width=100% color="black">

  <PDM_LIST PREFIX=list WHERE="object_id = $ " FACTORY=prp>


  <b><DIV ALIGN=left>$list.label <font color="green">$list.value <br></font></DIV></b>




  <PDM_TAB name="Service_Type" file="xx_stype_tab.htmpl">



Now in new version CA SDM R14.1 this code doesn't work. Can someone help me?