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Delete file in tst

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Vincent.Mazot

we have a 'service' that is file based..  we ftp and place a file in a providers system, they process it, and later we come back to get the processed output.


we need to simulate the provider.


we wrote a test to do this, as its not transactional.


step 1, check if there is a specific type of file (the request)

step 2, read excel file, for each row, get the id info, and generate a new set of row content, append that to a new file (the temp response )

step 3, rename the temp response to the correct name

step 4, erase the input file. (we have processed it)


we use the data source read excel file for step 2.


but we have three problems

1. there is no header row over the columns on this file. it is a known format.

    so before the builtin function can read this file, we have to pre-pend a header row.. sheesh you make it hard..

2. the name is not the same each time the test runs (every 10 minutes), but the 'read excel file' data source evaluates the name as SOON as the service starts, and does this only once.

    in our case the name changes for ever iteration

3.. when we are done, and need to delete the input file.. we cannot, because it is still open..

    if we delete a file we have never touched, it works fine.


we don't see a close file operation..


anyone have any pointers on how to solve either of these problems?

we could of course write all this in groovy, and not use any of the DT functionality (again).. but we are trying to use the product.


I know the DT product team doesn't call this a 'service' but it is exactly the same, it allows us to disconnect from our dependencies for test.


this service takes approx 4 minutes to execute


and on top of all that , Workstation (running v 8.5) keeps crashing, hanging, after like three iterations of this in ITR..

almost cannot make progress..  took two of us to get to this spot yesterday, and we are the advance team.