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Control Access to Business Applications / Business Services in CEM using EEM (Create EEM Policy?)

Question asked by andy.erskine on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Hallett_German


I have a requirement to give "CEM Analyst" rights to different groups ideally on a business Application level.

ie :      Group A can run CEM reports for Business Application A (and all underlying Business Services)

          Group B can run CEM reports for Business Application B (and all underlying Business Services)

and So on ..

We already use EEM to grant groups access to Domains in Introscope.


Looking into whether that can be achieved for CEM - reading the following documentation Securing Introscope using CA EEM - CA Application Performance Management - 9.7 - CA Technologies Documentation im still not clear on the process or whether its possible ?

There is no mention of Business Applications but there is info regarding Business Services, so it looks like the way forward would be to create new EEM policies? - however i'm uncertain about the resource class name for CEM ..


something along the lines of :


<Policy name="Business Application Group A Read" folder="/Policies">

        <Description>Grant Group A access to their Business Applications in CEM for Reporting.</Description>



        <Identity>ug:CEM Analyst</Identity>



Am i on the right track here ?