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9.5 EMs with 9.7 Agents

Question asked by uspatentpending on Mar 31, 2016
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I need to monitor some 12c Weblogic servers with JRE 1.8.  It looks like I can do that with the 9.7 agents.  We currently have a 9.5 EM infrastructure.  My interpretation of the statement in the compatibility guide:


     “An Agent of major version X (for example 9.7)  is supported with an Enterprise Manager of version Y (for example 10) if Y >= X, including minor version differences (eg: A 9.7.1 Agent is supported with a 9.7.0 EM), unless stated explicitly in this compatibility guide”


is that we can run a 9.7 agent on a 9.5 EM infrastructure since the major versions are equal.  Can someone confirm this is correct?