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How to set up an alert when a server reaches an uptime threshold

Question asked by Sixxor on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by bblumentritt

I need to set up a simple alert which triggers when a server reaches a defined uptime threshold (eg over 90 days uptime).

We have known issue with some older (Win 2008) servers where we can no longer RDP to them after they've been up for more than around 90 days due to TCP port exhaustion, so until we can either replace or upgrade these servers, we need to proactively reboot them before they reach this point, so I thought a simple alert triggering when they reach a certain uptime would allow us to do this before the server stops responding.

I can't seem to see an easy way of doing this with the basic probes such as CDM, can anyone suggest a way of doing this? What additional probes (if any) would I need? We have the basic server and application probe packs.