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Query: WNA configuration for SAML based application

Question asked by AbhishekK on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Pete_Burant

Hi all,


We have a setup where we have configured WNA for web application. The tricky thing in this is instead of the basic pop-up, which comes up when user accesses the application from another network/internet, we have configured a custom login page. We have followed the solution explained in this link - Windows IWA Failover to HTML Form Login.docx


Now, the requirement is to enable the WNA for SAML based applications, but we can't install/configure the CA Option Pack on Windows 2008 IIS server. Hence, we have to redirect the request to our IDP and then to WNA machine where we have protected the redirect.jsp.


Flow is -

user accesses SP app - request comes to IDP - IDP redirects user to redirect.jsp that is protected by form authentication scheme on Windows server - request goes to the CA addon in the above link on windows machine -  user is authenticated by kerberos token


the form login is displayed.


Do you find any problem with the above solution ? Can anyone suggest a better solution to perform this integration?

Any help/pointer is appreciated.