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Service Management Administration LDAP Import

Question asked by micah.garsidewhite on Apr 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by schpe31

Has anyone had success with importing users from LDAP using the Service Management Administration module that is a part of Service Catalog?  I am working with an environment that is running SUN LDAP and CASM 14.1.2 with a remote userstore.  I have the LDAP settings correct (I had to get a hotfix to be able to edit the LDAP connection to use Sun LDAP) in the Service Management Administration, but when the fulfillment process in PAM runs there is an error.  I have edited the Global Dataset away from using spadmin for authentication and now I have a generic connection error when PAM reaches back to SLCM / Catalog.  I do have a support ticket open, but it would really help to hear anyone else's experience with this component.