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Monitor Aruba Acess Point through Virtual Controller

Question asked by BNOGASAWARA on Apr 1, 2016
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I need some informations about the snmpcollector probe, if someone done it before or if it's possible to do what I need


Here's my scnario:

I need to monitor 120 Access Points from Aruba Networks (IAP-103)

These 120 slaves APs are managed by one Virtual Controller.


I already have the OIDs needed to monitor CPU, Radio Status, Memory and etc.

But, if I try to get the OIDs straight from the slave APs, I can't get any informations.

Trying to get this OIDs, I've found out that all the informations I need from the APs, are stored in a table in the Virtual Controller.


So, how do I get the informations from a table in the Virtual Controller, and relate then to the specific AP ? Is it possible ? How UIM monitors Virtual Controllers ?


Thanks in advance,