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CA-PPM 14.3 users with at least 400 custom attributes. Is DWH job working OK?

Question asked by philip_smythe on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by philip_smythe

Hello all,


We are trying to investigate an error that we are seeing on our CA-PPM instance. The "Load Data warehouse" ETL job is creating an error which we believe could be related to the maximum number of columns a database view (1024 for our SQL Server DB - and view ODF_PROJECT_V) being exceeded.


We are looking for anybody who is using CA-PPM 14.3, who has an instance with at least 400 custom attributes on it - and for whom this job is working OK. It does not matter how many of these attributes are flagged for inclusion in the DWH.


If your CA-PPM instance matches this pattern then it would be useful for us to know roughly how many custom attributes you do have.


Any response would be very gratefully received.


Phil Smythe