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How did you implement the incident management process on CA SDM ?

Question asked by Swelo on Apr 4, 2016
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We are going to update the implementation of the incident management process on CA SDM in my society.

After some workshops with our users, some subjects seem to be satisfying but, I would know how did you implement this process in your society.


I am particularly interested about :

- Categories : our declination is really bad, and very hard to maintain (one category for each application...and that's not the worst...believe me). We're looking for a very restrictive list and I would know what is yours ?

- The workflow : the list of your statutes, in wich case do you use the workflow tasks ?

- Rootcauses : in our case, this field is never filled because it is not mandatory. How did you solve this problem ? And what is your rootcauses list ?

- Priority management : we juste have a minimized matrix, priority is the result of the impact and the emergency. But in not any case, this emergency increase. How did you handle this setting ? In wich case ?

- Closure : is there any automation ? Is your servicedesk check the good solution with the user ?


As you can guess, I would like to share your experience because I can't find any best practice. I am sure I can learn about your answers, so please, any help is welcome.


Thank you very much.